Why does a small start up non-profit corporation need to publish their core values and vision statement while its process is unfolding and programs are still in the planning and developing stages? To me, the answer is fairly obvious. Just as our mission statement explains why our corporation exists, our values are our identity; defining who we are. We look at these words and understand that these values guide us in our work and essentially in everything we do. We will face many challenges and obstacles; as working under the Human Services umbrella has become synonymous with change; but our values will remain a constant.

            OneStep4Autism, Inc. is about relationships; with our community, our donors and funders, our advisers, friends and families, and most important, our individuals. Our values reflect not only what is important to a sound, ethical business model but go further and focus on interpersonal and psychological aspects that we see as essential to our consumers.  

Our Core Values

Integrity - Living life and making decisions guided by one’s strong ethical and moral character. Aspiring to a sense of self that is honest and whole; in mind, body and spirit.


Empathy - Working towards improving the ability to recognize, understand and experience each others feelings and motivations. Developing insight and appreciation furthers mutual respect.


Encouragement - Identifying strengths and offering support to inspire and stimulate acts of confidence and courage. Reassurance builds trust and creates an atmosphere of hope and optimism.

Creativity - Using imagination to transcend traditional ideas, rules and patterns, thus creating meaningful, original and progressive new ideas and methods.


Harmony - Illustrated in music and in life, harmony is the consistent, orderly, and gratifying arrangements of parts; congruency creating an atmosphere of cooperation and unity.