OneStep4Autism began as a website; a means for our blended family to share our story. By going public and on-line, we could reach out to a large audience to educate as well as be educated.  The autism community has a diverse “family unit”; with many looks, dynamics and experiences. We are seeking opportunities for personal growth, social interaction and a sense of purpose. In addition, we seek to nurture acceptance and understanding from individuals to entire communities. And finally we plan to network with other like-minded organizations, community leaders, families and individuals to provide access to resources and support for those who seek our help.

            OneStep4Autism’s aim is to lessen the burden of local and federal government as well as social service agencies. We plan to do this by primarily funding our programs and initiatives with both private and corporate tax exempt contributions as well as foundation grants. However we will seek necessary government grants if they map well with our mission and welcome volunteers, interns and in-kind donations.

Our Programs

1. Raising Awareness- This program was implemented to interact and communicate. A means to publish both academic and personal articles on our website as well as autism related magazines, periodicals and journals. We are working to improve, revise and expand the website to increase awareness and promote acceptance.

Our goals are:

-Expand and encourage on-line interaction to provide support and information to the  community.


-Continue to expand on social media outlets to network, build relationships, share information and increase awareness.


-Attend academic and other related conferences to increase our knowledge, visibility, and to expand and grow our network.

Opportunities include:

-Organize and participate in parent/family support and self-help groups for families with autism on a local level.


-Volunteer & seek other volunteers to assist with local charities such as Special Olympics and/or Challenger leagues as well as charities that focus on the arts or other interests.


-Develop music programs/workshops for special education schools that have lost music    programs due to budget issues. Provide opportunities for students to develop musical, vocal and performance talents.


2. Consulting/Advocacy- As funding and the political/social climates change, it will become even more important to work with individuals, families and professionals to maximize the concepts of self-direction and self-determination as it relates services and resources moving forward.

Opportunities include:

-Attend Individual Education Program (IEP), school board or other school meetings with individuals and families to facilitate implementation of desired services.


-Advocate for and represent individuals and families with existing agencies to obtain desired services.


-Network with local social workers as a consultant to assist/network with individuals and families seeking supports.


-Network with disability & special education attorneys as a consultant to assist with legal matters pertaining to the needs of individuals and their families.


-Research and locate specific resources that individuals are seeking (day programs, educational opportunities, housing, work study, medical or mental health, etc.) both locally and if need be, out of state.


-Work with families to locate respite resources that are accessible and available.


-Assist government agencies (local, county, state) as advocates for individuals and families seeking supports.


            We all need to work together to put our experiences and knowledge into practice in the local community to achieve desired outcomes for all who seek help.